Flats in Kolhapur @ Hari Om Nagar, Rankala Area ,

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After eleven years of enduring presence in Pune city, we at Manav Group,now stand before the holy shrine of the land of MAHALAXMI,with our worthy offering.We bring you ADVITIYA - a tribute to the rich culture and the gracious hospitality of the people of kolhapur.

ADVITIYA which means unique, embodies purity, perfection, serenity and a hint of mysticism. Just as the lotus is supremely regal , so does ADVITIYA spell dignity and elegance.


Manav Group has established itself as a leading entity in the real estate and hospitality sector of Pune city.

As builders, we want our residential projects to add to your life in various ways. We are driven to offer contemporary homes with all the modern conveniences. However, as we are envisioning our projects, we are designing the quality of experiences you will have. So, over the past ecade our spaces have added to the ease, comfort and efficiency of your life. Our vision goes beyond four walls to crate a landmark that you can call home for generations. And ultimately, our goal is to enhance your life and your style.


Noticed how the supreme lotus takes flight from murky waters and reaches out to the celestial sky?

Much as the lotus unfurls her soft petals and reflects the magic of the universe in her depths,
so will our open-to-the sky rooftop slowly unfold to captivate your senses. Look around and inhale deeply, for once you have the keys to your private paradise, you will be reluctant to return.

Our Open Air Terrace will delight and captivate you. The micro detail with which we have planned, it has translated into abundant amenities; all on your very own rooftop.

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Luxurious 2 bhk residential project in kolhapur near rankala by manav group. Advitiya having terrace garden at top floor with big flats. Indoor games on third floor placed in the middle of the building vertically as well as horizontally to maximize the usage of having a pool table and two carom boards occupying a space of 550 sq.ft. Ample covered parking. Covered passages with scenic view of water body with sitting facility at every floor. Landscape ground lobby to enhance the residential environment. Security cabin with modern amenities (Intercom and CCTV camera) Advitiya near rankala comes up as a tribute to rich culture and gracious living. The 2 bhk apartment project symbolizes purity, perfection and serenity along with a hint of mysticism. This unique project is here to set a new benchmark in elegant and luxurious living. Advitiya manav group building is truly the key to your private paradise that reflects the magic of the universe in her depths. Famous for a rankala lake that boasts of serene and tranquil environments, Hari Om Nagar is a well-known famous tourist place in kolhapur. This Rankala Lake is an important place in Kolhapur with great historical and cultural significance. It is a constant inspiration to marathi cinema shooting, writers and artists. Other places of importance that attracts citizens and tourists are Rajghat, Shalini palace and Rankala Choupati surrounding to lake. Maharashtra State Highway 115 is the vital stretch for the residents to travel to different locality within the region as well as inter- state. This stretch further connects NH 4 and Old Pune-Bangalore Highway allowing the inhabitants to move to and from to the major cities of India like Belgaum, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai. Kolhapur Railway Station is the closest main station to this area. Nehru High School, New Model English High School and Tulips Primary School are some of the famous and English schools in and around this area. Manav Group is a thriving name in the Real Estate Industry in kolhapur. The company is embroiled in the creation of premium residential projects with quality construction services, structure. Their aim is not only to meet their customer's expectations but to surpass them to provide eco friendly living spaces par excellence. The company is progressing fast by offering unique and luxurious homes at affordable costs. Maintaining excellent customer care levels with highest customer satisfaction has lead the company to reach new heights in the Realty sector in kolhapur....
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